ATS 200

The alignment turning station ensures precision and flexibility for the production of mounted lenses.

TRIOPTICS developed the flexible and high precision alignment turning device ATS 200 and presents it now at the OPTATEC.

ATS200The ATS 200 combines a compact and highly stable turning lathe with TRIOPTICS’ proven centration measurement technology OptiCentric®. It machines the lens mount in such a way that the axis of symmetry of the mount is in line with the optical axis of the mounted lens. Integrated sensors allow highly accurate measurements while multiple diamond tools are used for machining of the front and rear contact surfaces. Air gaps between the lenses can be adjusted in this way.

The ATS 200 can machine lens mounts with a diameter of up to 200mm and a weight of up to 5kg. This makes it the only alignment turning device providing the flexibility for processing large and heavy lens mounts. The measurement system is equipped with one measuring head above and below the sample respectively and is controlled via an optimized software. This configuration allows for a fast and intuitive adjustment of the sample.

The vertical set-up of the turning device guarantees easy handling. Its granite construction ensures thermal stability and rigidity. Integrating vibration isolation and consequently avoiding any heat sources in the processing chamber allow highest machining accuracy. In addition, three ultra-precision axes on air bearings, the calibration chuck and the OptiCentric® system ensure centration accuracy with common lens mount materials of 1μm.

Further measurement technology integrated in the ATS 200, such as the center thickness measurement system OptiSurf® and high accuracy optical sensors, make it an outstanding alignment turning device for flexible use with infrared lenses, aspherical lenses and complex assemblies, as well.

The development of the alignment turning device is a logical step in TRIOPTICS’ strategic development: The company uses its metrological expertise in the optical field to develop high precision production and automation solutions.

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