TRIOPTICS’ new product group for testing and active alignment of camera modules.

procamTesting camera modules for consumer devices that combine optics with a sensor and a read-out circuit is an important application in the market. Since the resolution of the sensors have increased, active alignment of the optics is also becoming more important. TRIOPTICS is the market leader for measuring the image quality of optics and has gathered extensive experience while working on customer-specific sensor measurement projects for many years. This experience has now been combined in a new group of products offered by TRIOPTICS: ProCam® is a flexible and modular measurement and production solution which is perfectly adapted to the customer’s application and suited to face the challenges of the high-end camera module market with its ever increasing resolutions.

TRIOPTICS’ ProCam® portfolio includes standard measurement systems with test charts for applications with finite object distance, as well as innovative solutions with collimators for infinite and variable object distances. Motorized focusable collimators allow the variable setting of both infinite and finite object distances via the corresponding software.

Apart from finite camera module testing, TRIOPTICS also offers innovative solutions for the active alignment of optics and sensors for production purposes. ProCam® Align can be used to align the sensor with the camera optics in up to six degrees of freedom with sub-micron accuracy. The components are tilted, shifted, focused and rotated during one single alignment cycle. An integrated adhesive and curing solution ensures an automated and cost-optimized procedure for producing high-quality modules in serial production.

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