Product Obsolescence

In an effort to better serve our customer base and to provide the most modern measurement and metrology tools and instruments, Davidson Optronics will be obsoleting several of its legacy products. Davidson Optronics will continue to support the calibration of these obsoleted products but will no longer manufacture or provide major repair services for them. Please click on the following link to see what products are being obsoleted.

Model NumberDescription
D-190Fringe Splitter
D-205CPrecision Level (Cntr. Recess)
D-263Adjustable Stand (Download Data Sheet)
D-254Adjustable Stand (Download Data Sheet)
D-266Angle Checker
D-276Adjustable Instrument Stand
D-277Adjustable Instrument Stand (Download Data Sheet)
D-279Alignment Collimator (Download Data Sheet)
D-291Carriage 4"/D616
D-292Carriage 5"/D616
D-3055" Plano Laser Interferometer
D-311Macroplan interferometer
D-31212" Plano Laser Interferometer
D-522Porro Prism
D-523Porro Prism (Download Data Sheet)
D-532Porro Prism
D-564Adjustable Mirror
D-567Adjustable Mirror
D-568Adjustable Mirror
D-569Adjustable Mirror (Download Data Sheet)
D-571Porro Prism (Download Data Sheet)
D-582Carriage Mirror (Download Data Sheet)
D-583Magnetic Mirror (Download Data Sheet)
D-600Comparison Autocollimator (Download Data Sheet)
D-611Three Angle Prism
D-61390 Degree Optical Square (Download Data Sheet)
D-614Master Penta Prisms (Download Data Sheet)
D-615Adjustable Mirror (Download Data Sheet)
D-616Adjustable Mirror (Download Data Sheet)
D-622Spindle Mirrors
D-626Optical Level (Download Data Sheet)
D-629Spindle Mirror
D-634Adjustable Ref. Mirror
D-63660 Second Variable Deviation Wedge
D-638Coordinate Autocollimators (Download Data Sheet)
D-639Autocollimator (Download Data Sheet)
D-644Adjustable Reference Mirrors (Download Data Sheet)
D-649Adjustable Reference Mirrors
D-652Two Axis Autocollimator (Download Data Sheet)
D-654Reference Mirror
D-656Two Axis Autocollimator (Download Data Sheet)
D-659Tooling Autocollimator
D-660Two Axis Autocollimator (Download Data Sheet)
D-672Signal Autocollimator
D-686Optical Cube
D-688Optical Cube
D-691Alignment Autocollimator (Download Data Sheet)

Please send us a message if you are interested in one of the obsolete products. Thank you.


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