Optical Flats | D-617


Hardwood Case.

Basic and economical for flatness testing.

Certification of accuracy traceable to NIST.

Optical flats up to 12 inch (300mm) diameter.

Check gage blocks or lapped and polished surfaces.

Easily measure surface flatness down to λ/20 at 632.8nm.

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Optical Flats are basic for testing flatness because they are easy to use and very accurate. Davidson Precision Optical Flats enable non-technical workers to measure from 0.000 1 inch (2.54 μm) down to 0.000 001 inch (0.025 μm) without special skills or auxiliary equipment, except for a monochromatic light source.

Optical Flats are versatile for measuring surface flatness of polished areas and determining variations between work surfaces and the surface of the optical flat. They are valuable for inspecting gage blocks for wear and accuracy.

Davidson Precision Optical Flats are produced from high quality Pyrex or fused silica (Quartz). Blanks are inspected and chosen prior to grinding to eliminate those with stains, defects, or lack of clarity. Blanks are selected to be thick in proportion to diameter to insure rigidity, then accurately ground and polished to specified flatness limits and then completed by having the edges ground and chamfered so as to be handled safely.

If you have old optical flats, send them to us for evaluation and rework.