Calibration Wedges | D-623


Certification of accuracy traceable to NIST.

Designed to deviate azimuth or elevation angle.

Fixed standard checks autocollimator calibration.

Dependable permanent stability – no moving parts.

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Just two steps are necessary after the optical axis of a mirror and autocollimator are established at 90 degrees to the work surface:

  1. Interpose the D-623 Calibration Wedge between the mirror and the instrument along the optical axis;
  2. Observe the angular deviation indicated by the autocollimator – which should be identical to the calibrated angle of the wedge.

Since the Model D-623 is a fixed standard with no moving parts, it is permanently stable and its accuracy is constant. Therefore the Model D-623 may be interposed in the line of sight to perform its angular deviation function for both azimuth and elevation. Since it is a fixed angle wedge, angles must be specified at the time of order. Nominal deviations available include: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 60 arc seconds. Actual measured deviation is noted on the wedge housing.