Optical Polygons | D-633


Precise master reference.

Fused quartz offers thermal stability.

Large reflective faces for autocollimation.

Certification to accuracy traceable to NIST.

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Davidson Optical Polygons provide an easy and accurate method of checking and calibrating angles. Optical Polygons are designed for use with autocollimators in the precise measurement of angle spacing. Whenever a circle or portion of a circle must be divided into very accurate equiangular parts, the optical polygon is used as the master reference. A common application is for the calibration of rotary tables and stages.

The Davidson Model D-633 Optical Polygons are compact and lightweight, reducing to a minimum any undesirable loading. The top surface of the polygon is polished to permit autocollimation from this surface for precise positioning of the polygon axis.

Davidson Optical Polygons are available in standard configurations of 8, 9, 12, 18, 24 and 36 facets and may be ordered with any number of facets, up to 72.