AAT Tricolor

The Davidson AAT-Tricolor provides 5-axis feedback capability versus a 2-D autocollimator. The Tricolor unit outputs wavelengths of 454 nm, 519 nm or 635 nm. This versatility assists with f ltered differential measurements in f uorescence systems, hyperspectral testing or more chromatic based troubleshooting of alignment or inspection of samples under test. Using a combination of capabilities, the depth, or Z-axis, can be def ned on an optical setup bench (or to inf nity) allowing for Z position reproducibility in certain experiments.

  • Autocollimator (focus it at infinity)
  • Optics train includes motorized stage focusing from 16 inches (40 cm) to infinity, integrated with an auto-focus feature
  • Focusing feature adds imaging capabilities via the camera
  • A triple wavelength LED and the use of wavelength differences can provide significant information

The Davidson AAT-Tricolor uses the powerful OptiAngle® 5 or 6 software from TRIOPTICS, delivering solutions within a vast array of applications. It provides users conf gurability, ease-of-use plus preformatted certif cates. The system can be integrated into OEM designs by the use of a laptop computer and integrated Python environment for implementation and data acquisition. The Davidson AAT-Tricolor references the optical axis precisely to the OD tube axis, allowing for 0.1 arc second of performance. The unit is calibrated to NIT traceable standards.

Download the datasheet