Automatic Alignment Telescope | D-275-AAT


Only fully Automated Telescope for Alignment and/or Measurement of 5 axes of components in optical beam paths and subassemblies

Calibration certified & traceable to NIST standards

Remotely controllable using TCP/IP

Easy to use software

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The Model D-275-AAT, Automatic Autocollimating Alignment Telescope focuses from 16 inches (40cm) to infinity, to align and measure the location and angular orientation of any number of targets along its optical axis. Since the mechanical axis of the tube and the optical axis of the instrument are parallel within 3 arc seconds, the instrument is easily adaptable to mounts, jigs, stages, and various setups and setups using a dial indicator.

A reflective surface may be established normal to the optical axis by utilizing the autocollimating feature. The Model D-275-AAT provides the flexibility to align most complex optical assemblies and beam paths.


  • Telescope Alignment
  • Laser Cavity Alignment
  • Complex Optical System Alignment
  • Alignment of Beam Delivery Systems