Autocollimating Alignment Telescope | D-275


Outer diameter of telescope tube is concentric to optical axis to within 0.000 3″ at 16″ (7.6 μm at 406.4 mm)

Annular rings and crossed-line reticles allow uncluttered view of reference and easy reading

Establish 2-axis perpendicularity to line of sight through autocollimation

Low cost permits semi-permanent installation in fixtures

Telescope tube is made of hardened stainless steel

Telescope for simplest, most accurate alignment

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The Model D-275 Autocollimating Alignment Telescope can be focused from 16 inch (406.4 mm) to infinity, to align any number of points along its optical axis. Due to the fact that the mechanical axis of the tube and the optical axis of the instrument are parallel within 3 arc seconds, the instrument is easily adaptable to jigs and setups using a dial indicator.

A reflective surface may be established normal to the optical axis by utilizing the autocollimating feature. The Model D-275 provides the most-pertinent features at a low price.

The Model D-275V incorporates a video option with the alignment telescope, allowing the user to view the image of objects and alignment patterns on a video monitor. The D-275V includes a video camera, monitor, relay lens, mounting brackets and all connecting cables.