Manual Autocollimator | D-602

Easiest to use for rapid mirror alignment in two orthogonal planes

Certification of accuracy traceable to NIST

Rugged construction with no moving parts

Null to 1.0 arc seconds

Low cost


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With no moving parts, the Model D-602 is one of the easiest autocollimators to use for aligning a mirror normal to the line of sight within one arc second. The circular rings of the projected reticle (see above) indicate alignment errors within the 20 arc minute range (in the example shown, it is estimated to be 3 min 10 sec Azimuth, 2 min 15 sec Elevation). The standard reticle has four 15 arc second center rings and ten outer one arc minute displacement rings numbered 1′, 5′, and 10′ to simplify simultaneous readings in two orthogonal planes. The entire 20 inch (508 mm) focal length folded optical path system is built into a compact 9.5 inch (241 mm), instrument weighing only 9 lbs (4 kg).

The Model D-602-101-004 has a USAF 1951 Resolution Pattern projected reticle.

The Digital Autocollimator Upgrade Kit allows existing D-602 models to have all the digital functionality of the New Model D-720, Digital Two-Axis Autocollimator.

The upgrade kit replaces the autocollimator eyepiece assembly with a video imager. The included OptiAngle software allows results to be viewed in real-time, statistically analyzed and stored for later reference. The program includes routines for the measurements of angles about orthogonal axes, optical wedges, 90┬║ prism errors, telescope angles and more. Certificates documenting test results are automatically generated.