Tooling Autocollimators | D-657


Measures angular deviation of one degree about either vertical or horizontal axis (-500 has 30 arc minute range)

Eyepiece and light source assemblies interchangeable for straight through or right angle viewing

Economical cost permits permanent installation in tooling fixtures

Certification of accuracy traceable to NIST

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Model D-657 Tooling Autocollimator provides industry with an autocollimator economical enough to permanently install as part of a tooling fixture, thereby offering low cost in-process inspection. The instrument’s operational simplicity makes it extremely fast for revealing the degree of perpendicularity of a reflector to the optical axis.

The instrument incorporates features such as an interchangeable between perpendicular and line of sight eyepiece, wide angle field (one degree), 3 arc second average nulling sensitivity, autocollimation from small reflectors and comes complete with a power pack and variable intensity light source.

The Model D-657-500 Tooling Autocollimator is identical to the standard D-657 except the two piece barrel is approximately 11 inch (279 mm) long. With graduations in 30 arc second increments, deviations of 15 arc seconds or better are easily estimated. With twice the resolution, nulling to ┬▒1 arc second is possible.