Digital Two Axis Autocollimator | D-720


Dark field reticle enhances return pattern recognition

Measure both orthogonal planes without adjustment

Compact folded design makes alignment easy

Certification of accuracy traceable to NIST

Built-in adjustable mounting base

10 arc minute measuring range

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The Model D-720 Digital Two Axis Autocollimator measures angles around an X-Y axis or intermediate points between obliquely tilted surfaces. The instrument provides direct angular measurements of the reflective surface deviation through acquisition and measurement of the deviated return beam angle.

This autocollimator’s large 2.375 inch (60 mm) aperture provides NIST. traceable measurements with 0.1 arc second sensitivity and 0.2 arc second accuracy over a ±5 arc minute measuring range. Both azimuth and elevation readings are taken simultaneously, minimizing measurement errors. The adjustable, built in mounting base has fine thread screws for fast and easy azimuth and elevation adjustments.

This modern test platform features an IEEE 1394 “FireWire” CCD camera, high power green (530nm) LED light source and computer. The installed OptiAngle metrology software includes advanced algorithms that processes angular data with sub-pixel accuracy, makes all necessary calculations, displays and saves measured values in real-time and generates user-selected certificates summarizing test results. The program also offers routines for measurement of angles about orthogonal axes, optical wedges, 90° prism errors, telescope angles and much more.

The Digital Autocollimator Upgrade Kit (Part Number 104-0170) affords all the advanced capabilities described about for the Model D-720 to several of Davidson Optronics’ legacy products.