Precision Level | D-205


Extremely accurate horizontal reference with 5 arc seconds sensitivity.

Maximum precision for tool makers machinists and inspectors.

Complete with finished wood carrying case.

Finished in ivory and chrome.

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An extremely precise instrument designed for applications requiring maximum accuracy on small surfaces or confined working areas.

The level base is machined from a hardened 5 inch (127 mm) in length, relieved at each end to provide a 3.50 inch (88 mm) bearing face. It is then lapped to within +0.000060 in. The bubble which kinematically mounted and provided with a fine adjustment screw has a sensitivity of 5 sec. per division. A metal cover with a glass window protects the bubble and mounting.

The precision block level can be used as a comparator for measuring and checking small linear differences between gage block combinations or gage blocks and a work piece. By using a horizontal table and bridging with the instrument, it is possible to check a difference of 0.000005 in. (or 0.0005mm per 50mm).