Point Source Microscope (PSM)

Align all optically important features to exact specifications

Align complex optical systems using a CMM or simple fixturing

Reduce mechanical design complexity and cost

Reduce alignment time from weeks to hours


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Center and Align with One Tool
The Point Source Microscope makes optical system alignment easy and deterministic, letting you perfectly align each component’s center-of-curvature and on- axis focused beam to the exact specifications. With both bright field imaging and autostigmatic microscopy, the PSM lets you align all optically important features quickly. Ergonomic features such as a bright laser diode setting make alignment simple, even in full room light.

The PSM lets you align the actual optical features, rather than relying on mechanical datums, so you can relax mechanical tolerances on your optics and mounts to reduce system costs. Use the PSM for everything from simple optics to complex systems such as Offner relays, atmospheric error correction systems and off- axis telescopes.


Rapidly Inspect Lens Quality
The PSM serves as an excellent incoming quality inspection tool, enabling fast verification of image shape, with λ/8 sensitivity, so you can easily resolve out-of-specification optics without the expense or complication of using an interferometer. Further, the PSM can measure radius of curvature for production control, verify whether a lens meets specifications, or verify that a lens is correctly oriented. The PSM can even be mounted on a CMM for precise, non-contact x-y-z location.

Align Aspheres
The PSM is invaluable for aligning aspheric optics, including off-axis aspheres. The PSM locates point images and shows the image shape as a star test. This unique system reduces alignment error to near zero by keeping the image in the correct location while adjusting the asphere to minimize aberrations.

A Complete, Portable System
The PSM comes complete with laptop and PSM Align software for use anywhere in your shop or test setup. Its built-in autocollimation mode lets you use the PSM as an alignment telescope or to quickly measure wedge. An optional centering bench makes system alignment intuitive, and a range of objectives and mounting hardware make it easy to tailor the PSM to applications throughout your shop.

What is a Point Source Microscope (PSM)

Alignment with the Point Source Microscope (PSM)