Optoliner® NV


Calibration Standard for Sighting & Imaging Devices

The Optoliner® NV is a compact, factory calibrated optical test chart projector, specifically designed for testing afocal sighting devices with an eyepiece, such as:

  • binoculars
  • night vision (NVIS) goggles
  • riflescopes
  • and other telescopes

It is also an efficient tool for testing infinite conjugate camera modules with up to 40° angular field of view.

Key Features

  • Operates in bright daylight – eliminates the need for wall charts.
  • Suitable for eyepieces up to 40° angular field of view.
  • Homogeneous incandescent VIS and NIR illumination by tungsten filament halogen lamp.
  • Large variety of test patterns available – replaceable within seconds.
  • Large variety of filters available – color glass, cut-off, interference, neutral density.
  • Optical attenuation enables testing at extremely low light levels.
  • Large working distance to eyepiece entrance pupil.
  • Modular and easily customized to your application.


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Wide Variety of Tested Parameters


  • Magnification
  • Distortion
  • Resolution / MTF
  • Camera sensitivity
  • Camera linearity



I. Measuring Afocal Sighting Devices: Night Vision Goggles, Binoculars, Telescopes

The Optoliner® NV collimator lens projects the test chart image into the eyepiece pupil of the device under test. The 50 mm working distance allows for a convenient distance between the Optoliner® and the test subject. An image analyzer camera picks up the image from the test subject for software assisted image analysis. The Optoliner® collimator lens is able to illuminate an 8 mm entrance pupil within 50 mm working distance up to the full angular field of view of 40°. The image analyzer has to be adapted to the optical properties of the device under test (focal length, magnification) by selecting a specific sensor size and lens focal length. Davidson Optronics offers the standard image analysis software Imatest Master with Optoliner®, but also custom-tailored software modules. Please contact Davidson Optronics for a recommendation.

II. Measuring Complete Camera Modules

The Optoliner® NV collimator lens projects the test chart image directly into the entrance pupil of the camera under test. The collimator is suited for camera lenses with a total angular field of view up to 40°. Hence, the collimator is not applicable for more extreme wide angle lenses like fish eye lenses. The focal length of the camera lens should always be shorter than the Optoliner® collimator focal length. The Optoliner® collimator is designed with its exit pupil outside in front of the lens body so that the collimator beam can fill the entrance pupil of the test subject. In many cases, the camera lens has to be positioned very closely to the collimator such that the projector exit pupil falls inside of the camera lens to avoid vignetting. However, the 50 mm working distance of the Optoliner® collimator gives enough space for most camera systems under test.


The following list provides some examples of standard test patterns